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Illustration Nathan Chan

Summer/Autumn 2023


Balsall Heath Play Kitchen and Pocket Garden 


What will you make in the Balsall Heath Play Kitchen and Pocket Garden?


Dreamed-up delicious dinners? Superfresh salads or invented brews, tonics and teas? 

At this hideaway kitchen garden cafe, children are the cooks and grown ups get to sit in the sun and be served (for a change)!

What we do

Films, Videos + Podcasts 

Research + Impact 

Our approach is deeply rooted in research and driven by our commitment to creating meaningful impact.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 10.24.07.png

Read the FLOW Final report here. 

FLOW was a festival of bold and imaginative arts and culture made with, by and for

children in Birmingham and Sandwell, produced and curated by The Parakeet for

the Birmingham 2022 Festival.






Read a Case Study on ROAM here.

The tenacity of childhood and nature both have dogged determination for life,

free play simply must be made possible within the landscape of childhood; our children’s

wellbeing, development and happiness depends upon it.




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